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1: Racing Age: Your racing age is the age you will be on or before Jan 27th, 2023. You will need to race the age category even if your birthday has not taken place by the race date.

2:  Do I need a USA Cycling license? No.  These events are not permitted with USAC and therefore no license is needed.  

3:  What are Pro, CAT 1, CAT 2 and CAT 3 categories? The “Pro” is for any Pro or Expert / CAT 1 rider 18 years or older looking to mix it up at a higher level of racing than their normal age group. Please consider your skill, fitness and racing experience before signing up for the PRO/CAT 1 OPEN if you are normally a Expert / CAT 1 age group racer.  There is no need to get in over your head and injure yourself or someone else.

4: What category do I race?

Expert : CAT 1 is considered an Expert level class for fitness and skill.  This is for riders with several years of racing experience and good fitness levels.  Race times are about 1:15hr-1:45hr as a guide.

Intermediate : CAT 2 If you have raced several times or a season or two, Intermediate / CAT 2 would be considered an intermediate type rider in terms skill and fitness.  Race times are about 1hr-1:15hr as a guide.

Beginner : CAT 3 If you have never raced, or have less than 10 races of experience, Beginner / CAT 3 is considered an entry level beginner class.  Please don’t sandbag this class.  We are not giving anything away worth ruining someone’s experience into entry level racing.   Races target a time of 45-60 min as a guide.  If you want more track time, race Intermediate : CAT 2.

5: Protest period: You will have 15 min after race results have been posted to lodge a protest with an official staff member.  Race results will be posted online and at race sign up. Once the 15 min has past, race results will become final.Infractions that warrant a protest: Rider cutting the course. A mistake on race results regarding your placing.  Overly aggressive riding. Rider racing in wrong category.  

6: What else is required to race? At a minimum you will need a helmet and a properly functioning bicycle that is free of major defects and damage to race.  Other items like gloves, sunglasses, cycling shoes and water bottles are highly recommended but not mandatory.  

7: Will there be food and drinks onsite? We will have food vendors onsite each of the race days.  If you require special nutrition or hydration needs, please consider bringing your own food.  

8: Is there onsite camping? Yes